'Your film is very beautiful, and important, and just as you conclude it, "a sign of hope".     It needs to be widely seen.' Karima Bennoune, UN Special Rapporteur in the field of cultural rights
'a blisteringly uncompromising documentary' Veronica Simpson, Studio International
'this masterpiece leaves a vivid memory of the memory others wanted to destroy' Jama Musse Jama, Somali author
'a poignant film...sobering but necessary viewing...I once tasked myself and failed to       name a work of architecture that moved me to tears. After watching this film, I realised that it's not a building's physical beauty that might cause me to cry, but its physical absence.' Jan-Carlos Kucharek, RIBA Journal
'powerful...humane, poignant...a tough but compelling film' Blueprint
Grand Prize and Audience Award, Arkhaios Film Festival, USA, 2016
Finalist, ArchFilmFest London 2019
First Honorable Mention - Runner Up, Best Film in Competition and Best Public Education Value, The Archaeology Channel International Film Festival, 2017
UNESCO #UNITE4HERITAGE 5 April 2017 (interview with Tim Slade) 
Al Jazeera 22 Aug 2016 (article on ICC Mali case) 

Feedback from test audience screenings:
'An ambitious, exciting, deeply important and timely film'
'A bold and beautiful film'
'An absolutely incredible achievement'
'Gripping, moving, educational'
'Such an important issue, beautifully and thoughtfully addressed.'
'Fantastic, sobering...Goes hand in hand with Joshua Oppenheimer's The Act of Killing'
'The film achieves a great balance between undue optimism and unnecessary fatalism, and as such it should be a great inspiration for action.'
‘Your film is an important historical document now. No matter how much we saw before, you put it together in such a concentrated, engaging, and emotional way…  Our young generation will grow up in a desert of universal culture if we won't do more about it. This film should become not just an ‘eye opener’, but a vehicle for change all around the world.’
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