Vast Productions USA presents
Written, Directed and Produced by Tim Slade
              Based on the book ‘The Destruction of Memory: Architecture at War’              by Robert Bevan
Cinematographer Derek Wiesehahn 
 Editor Lindi Harrison ASE 
Narrator Sophie Okonedo
Music by Ezio Bosso
Produced in association with TVO and SVT
Produced with the support of the Henry Luce Foundation, the Rothschild Foundation UK, Global Heritage Fund and World Monuments Fund
Developed with assistance from Screen Australia and Screen NSW
The Destruction of Memory is a sponsored project of IFP
World Sales: Autlook Films, Vienna, Austria
Copyright © 2016 Vast Productions USA 
Subtitle sponsors:
Tim's films have screened internationally. He has directed documentaries such as '4', which was released theatrically and won a Gold HUGO, as well as receiving nominations at Banff, an International Documentary Association Award and two AFI (Australian Film Institute) awards, as well as television documentaries. He has also directed drama, including the shorts Every Other Weekend and I Was Robert Mitchum. His films have screened at more than 60 international film festivals.
Derek is New York based, with over 20 years of experience in film and television. Recent credits include three Sundance 2016 feature documentaries, God Loves Uganda (Sundance 2013, Academy Awards shortlist), the 2010 Academy Award winning documentary short Music By Prudence, and the 2013 Academy Award nominated documentary feature How To Survive A Plague, as well as a camera operating credit on the 2011 Sundance winner and Academy Award nominated documentary feature Restrepo.
Lindi is an acclaimed editor of award-winning documentary, drama and arts programs. She has edited a range of feature length documentaries including ‘4’, with Tim Slade, and The Snowman, which was selected for Competition at IDFA and nominated for an Australian Film Institute Award for Best Feature Length Documentary. The feature documentary I Am A Girl was listed in The Guardian’s ’10 Best Australian Films of 2013’ and was nominated for several AACTA (Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts) Awards including Best Editing in a Documentary. The documentary SALT about Australian photographer Murray Fredericks’ time on Lake Eyre received 16 national and international awards and screened on PBS POV.
The narrator for our film is the extraordinary British actress Sophie Okonedo. Sophie has been nominated for Oscar™, BAFTA and Golden Globe awards, won the Tony for Best Featured Actress in 2014 for her performance in 'A Raisin in the Sun', and returns to Broadway in early 2016 to star in 'The Crucible', opposite Ben Whishaw and Saoirse Ronan. She will also be seen this year in Season 2 of 'The Hollow Crown', opposite Benedict Cumberbatch, as well as Peter Moffat's political thriller Undercover, for the BBC. It was a great honor to work with Sophie, whose voice brings such a profound level of passion and conviction to the important message of the film.
Italian born, London based composer, conductor and double bassist Ezio Bosso was born in Turin. He made his professional debut aged 16, and performed as a soloist and conductor with such orchestras as the Vienna Chamber Orchestra and the Chamber Orchestra of Europe. He went on to study composition and conducting at the Vienna Academy, and later conducted at venues including Carnegie Hall, Palacio de las Bellas Artes, Mexico City, and Teatro Regio di Torino. He composed his first music for film in 1989 and has since worked extensively in cinema, credits including Un amore and Io non ho paura, and in theatre with directors including James Thiérrée. In dance, he regularly composes for Rafael Bonachela and for companies including Scottish Dance Theatre, Sydney Dance Company, San Francisco Ballet, and Harlem Ballet. Bosso’s compositions include four operas, symphonies, concertos and various quartets, piano trios and sonatas.
Robert is the author of The Destruction of Memory: Architecture at War (2006), on which the film is based. He is a member of the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) that advises UNESCO on world heritage, and has degrees in architecture, planning and urban design. Robert is the architecture critic for the London Evening Standard. He has previously been editor of Building Design and the architecture critic for two other daily newspapers The Australian and the Australian Financial Review. He has written for design, art and travel magazines around the world, including Vogue Living, where he was deputy editor. Robert has just issued a new edition of The Destruction of Memory, released by Reaktion Books.
World Monuments Fund is a private nonprofit organization founded in 1965 by individuals concerned about the accelerating destruction of important artistic treasures throughout the world. Now celebrating 50 years, World Monuments Fund has orchestrated over 600 projects in 90 countries. Today, with affiliate organizations established in Britain, India, Peru, Portugal, and Spain — World Monuments Fund sponsors an ongoing program for the conservation of cultural heritage worldwide. The World Monuments Watch, a global program launched in 1995 on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of World Monuments Fund, aims to identify imperiled cultural heritage sites and direct financial and technical support for their preservation.
Heritage is the story of a people. It’s the thread that connects them spiritually, culturally, religiously, and physically to each other, and to a common set of history, traditions, and monuments. Without their heritage, they lose an irreplaceable chapter of their history. And without their heritage, we lose an indispensable part of our rich human story. For almost 15 years, Global Heritage Fund has worked to inspire and empower communities across the globe to become responsible stewards of their heritage. Incorporating conservation science, partnerships, and community development, our vision is well beyond monuments.
We would like to thank the following individuals, without whom the creation of         The Destruction of Memory would not have been possible.
Mr Nader Rastegar
Tony Wheeler
Airena Nakamura    Alex Morrison    Amelia Walker    Angela Pearman    Annie Munro   Alek Voninski     Alice Berkson      Anastasia Pinteris     Andrew & Siobhain Everett   Andrew Sims     Andy Quan     Andrew Lancaster     Andrew Stechmann     Angie Spilliot   Anine Leakey   Anna Cater   Anna Cerneaz    Anne Ryan   Annette Shun Wah   Annie Parnell   Anne Marie Delvenne     Annette Davey     Anthony Anderson     Anton Monsted     Antonia Grimard     Arie Hirsh     Asle Skredderberget             Barbara Mascliano     Ben Cheah     Ben Drayton     Berndt Sellheim     Betsy Wollheim    Beverly Joel     BobLesser    Bobby Petty     Borghild Leakey     Boris Kossmehl     Bradley Cantor      Brian Walker-Catchpole     Carina Rosas    Carl Oerke    Caroline Clarkson    Catherine Forbes    Catriona Swan    Charles Strozier     Christophe Lepage    Chryssy Tintner     Claire McClintock    Clayton Dean Smith     Clinton Cordiero    Connor J Dixon     Corine & Paul Wegener    Cory Thomas     Courtney Collins       Danny Yeadon & Neal Peres da Costa     Daniel J Sherman     Danita Matusch    David Clark     David Connolly    David D'Alessio    David Holderness     David Strug     David Trevor     David Waller    David Varga    Debbie Lee     Deborah Lennie-Bisson        Derek Nguyen     Diana Pardue     Dima Dayoub    Dory Seymour     Duncan Milne     Edwina White    Eileen McKiernan         Emma Cunliffe    Emma Hay     Emmanuelle Deveaux     Eric Murray Lui     Eron Sheean     Frances B Perry        Frank McCabe & Andres Paternoster     Frank Haines   Frank Kogen   Francois Sauzier   Francoise Jaffe   Frans Vandenburg & Julie Green        Freya Job   Gabrielle Coffey    Gary Makin     Gary Nicholls     George Knott   Georgia Wallace-Crabbe   Glenn Willumson    Glenyce Sheean   Gregory Anderson   Greg Waters   Hamish Diver  Honora Chapman   Iain Shearer   Irina Tarsis                Isabelle Raphael    Jessica Douglas-Henry     Jack Georgiakis & Katie Amarantinis     Jackie Ruddock    James Bolas            James Eccles     Jane Becker & Harriet Grahame     Jannine Barnes     Jason Gee   Jill Choder-Goldman    Joan Gordon         John Wilkman    Jonathan Cohen     Jonathan D. Eaton    Jordi Balta Portoles    Joseph Toltz & Allan Law     Josephine Froehlich    Josephine Salmon     Joyce Olinga     JR Bauer    Juan Ruiz Antón   Julie Grenet    Julie King    Julie Marlow    Justin O'Brien     Karen Whonder    Katherine Biber     Kathleen M. Riley     Kathryn Bird     Katie Flaxman    Katie Geeves     Kelly Guedes          Keri Light    Kim Beamish     Konstantine Pinteris     Kristen Elsby        Kristian Nelson-Marshall     KristinYoung     Kylie du Fresne     Lars Chresta & Alex Crowfoot     Laurence Paverd    Leone Becker     Leysa Karas     Lisa Salmon    Liz Doran     Logan Decker    Lorana Bartels & Tim Hollo    Louise McCabe    Lucy Cornell       Lucy Sexton     Lynne Nelson    Lynne Vincent McCarthy    Madeleine Murray   Maggie Robbins    Margaret Birtley   Margaret Struckheimer     Mark Blackwell    Mark Hughes                 Mark Seymour     Martha Ansara     Mathew Kuppe    Matilda Brooker     Matt Foster    Matt Vaughan   Megan Carter-Yoshida    Megan McMurchy     Mel Keenan    Melanie Annan     Melanie Horkan    Michael McCabe    Michael Rohr    Michael W Cox   Michael Hill     Michelle Timbs    Michelle Schiano     Michelle Sotheren    Michelle Wood   Milla Nederstrom    Mitesh Solanki     Josh Murray     Nairn Scott     Nancy Levine     Naomi Parry     Natalie Yan     Nerissa Lea    Nicole Rushton     Olivia Pipitone      Poly Moore     Paul J. Clark     Paul Oliver    Penny Stockley    Pernilla Johansson    Peta Bowder    Peter Louw    Peter Moxham     Peter Tuckey     Peter Watson     Rebecca Watson   Ronald S. Harvey    Peter Wiley    Philippa Campey    Pip Cummings      Phoebe Weekes    Rachel Smith     Rebecca Barry    Rebecca Baillie     Reva Childs    Robert Mascliano    Dr. Robert O'Farrell    Robert W O'Farrell     Robert Silverthorne   Rodney Hinde     Ron Tsung & Brian Rodwin    Russell Cheek    Safina Uberoi         Sally O'Grady     Sandy McEvoy    Sarah Nash    Sascha Merz     Sean Slavin    Sebastian King & Charlotte Slade     Shelby Boyle    Sheldon Itzkowitz    Simon Hunt    Simon C. Woodward     Siobhan Costigan     Saofia Meireles    Stanely Staniski              Stefanie Gordon & Steve Alleyne            Stephen Palma    Stephen Wrench    Stephennie Mulder     Sue Kropp     Su May Woo          Susan Beh    Suzanne Auerswald     Tamar Mogendorff    Taylor Valentine     Therese Claeys     Thomas St. John Gray              Tim Wearne    Tobin Saunders    Todd Abbott    Vallejo Gantner    Vicki Melson     Vicki Vasilopoulos    Victoria Treole           Walter McIntosh     Warwick Shaw     Yvonne Perkins
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