"We keep trying to make the world a better place... and part of making the world a better place
    is to make sure the memory of humankind is not destroyed."
    ANDRÁS RIEDLMAYER, Harvard University/UN Expert Witness, interview in The Destruction of Memory
  • 'Collateral damage' has always been a part of war and conflict – not only lives but physical spaces have ‘gotten in the way’ – buildings, towns, cities. 

    But there has always been another war raging, in which the damage is not 'collateral'.  It has intensified over the past 100 years and shows no signs of stopping. In this war, a mosque is not just a mosque, a library not just a place to store books, a language not just a way to pass information. 

    These buildings are not attacked because they are in the path of an objective – they are the objective. The obliteration of the memories, history and identity of a people is the goal. 
    The 20th century saw cultural destruction, or the war on culture, reach brutal levels, but recent events in Syria, Mali and Turkey show that the time for shedding truth on this phenomenon, and for demanding greater protection, has come. 

    The Destruction of Memory  will bring to this story a cinematic, sweeping passion and focus. It is planned for release in 2015, the year of many key anniversaries of these events.
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